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Review the information below and submit your digital audition using our online audition form!

Submission Deadline: 11:59 pm October 1, 2021



Performance Dates: Friday, Saturday and Sunday October 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31

One Fitting/character rehearsal required as well as an onsite orientation on October 21 @ 4:30 pm 

Nightly start and end times vary by performer and include prep time

Casting performers of all ages, ethnicities, genders and body types. Minimum age 15 

We may ask for additional material, a live online interview/audition or an in person audition or we may cast from just the audition videos. Everyone will be notified via email.

Questions? Email us through the form below. No phone calls, please.

Casting by Sandra & Piper Huntsman


Please submit photos and video for your audition following these guidelines:


1 - Photo:

Please submit a headshot and a full body shot. They do not have to be professional photos, but they should be current, in good lighting and without filters. Let your true beauty shine!



Full Body.jpeg

Full Body Shot

2 - Video:

For Atmosphere Characters: Please submit a 1 - 2 minute video of yourself in a character or two that you've created. Greet the crowd, tell a quick story or a joke and show how your character moves. Please use the character descriptions as inspiration - you can do 1-2 characters in the video. Please show an old west/southern style accent if you are able. This can be a 3/4 shot or full body. 

For Dancers: Imagine you are teaching a group of children your favorite dance. You can use an existing line dance like the Electric Slide or something you made up and to the music of your choice.

Keep it animated and fun, and speak loudly above the music! This should show your whole body.


Emcee: Show us your best crazy character improv skills. Larger than life characters like Beetlejuice, the Mask, Harley Quinn are the inspiration for this character, so show us some improv, some bad pun jokes and introduce and upcoming act. You can use music if you wish.

Singer/Dancers: You may just submit a reel for this role. If you do not have a reel, please record 1-2 minutes of a pop song (please check your sound and your mic so that we get a clean recording without peaking the mic) and then use this video to learn the Time Warp and record yourself doing it 1 time through (starting at 1:15 on the video)

If you are auditioning for more than 1 position, please submit just one video, less than 3 minutes if possible.

You will need to upload your video to YouTube or another file sharing site and provide us with a link. We will not accept emailed videos.

3 - Audition Form

Use the audition form below to submit your Audition!

Click here or it's just below the Character Breakdown you need to read anyway!

Character Breakdowns


PLEASE NOTE all characters/descriptions/times subject to change.

We prefer that you are available every night of the festival to perform, but we will

consider double casting. In that event, pay will pro-rated by the day.

Performers must show proof of Covid vaccine with final dose given no less than 3 weeks prior to the first night of the festival.  


All atmosphere characters should be friendly and able to interact with the public, create a fun and inviting character, be great with children, responsible and able to work independently. Costumes provided, wigs as needed. Actor may need to provide their own foot wear and may need to wear masks. 


Derek the Water Ghost  - A friendly haunt from the old west who greets Springs Preserves guests in search of Boo Town. Male Identifying Hours - 5pm - 9 pm nightly (Onstage 5:15 pm - 8:45 pm with breaks) Pay: $300 Total Contract


Constance - Derek’s ghostly sister, on the search for Derek and engages guests in her search for him. Female Identifying Hours - 4:45 pm - 8:45 pm nightly (Onstage 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm with breaks) Pay: $300 total contract


Mayor of Boo-Town - The friendly ghost mayor who welcomes guests to boo-town and points out the activities and sight seeing adventures to be found. Any gender identity. Hours - 5:00 pm - 9 pm (onstage 5:15 pm - 8: 45 pm) - Pay $300 total contract


Halloween Am”Boo”ssador - This Boo Ambassador character will be welcoming guests to the Springs Preserve and getting them ready for a fun evening decked out in head to toe contemporary Halloween couture! Must be loud, zany and fun! Any gender identity. Hours - 4:30 pm - 8:30 pm nightly (Onstage from 4:45 pm - 8:15 pm nightly) Pay: $300 total contract




Ghostly Saloon Girl Dancers - 2 Dancers should have good movement skills but do not need to be skilled dancers. They will need to learn 2 dance combinations and then teach dances several times throughout the night. Dancers should be friendly and able to interact with the public, create a fun and inviting character, be great with children, responsible and able to work independently.  Costumes and wigs provided, actors may need to provide footwear and may need to wear masks. Female Identifying. Hours - 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm nightly (Onstage 5:15 to 8:45 pm with breaks) Pay: $300 total contract




TBD Emcee/Faux DJ - This wacky ghost character inspired by the likes of Beetlejuice, the Mask and other zany characters will keep the party hopping in the Boo Town DJ booth! They will be responsible for cuing music, making announcements and jokes and interacting with the crowds. Excellent character and improv skills are a must! Must have basic technical skills to cue music, be responsible, able to work independently, have great people skills, follow a timeline, make age appropriate jokes and keep the energy up. Any gender identity. Hours - 4:45 pm - 9 pm (Onstage 5pm - 8:45 pm with breaks) Pay $450 total contract


Singer/Dancer or Mover - Seeking a performer who is an excellent and experienced vocalist who moves well or preferably is also a dancer. Will perform in the 25 minute main stage show singing both leads and backups on a variety of music genre's, as well as learning choreography and some dialogue. Energetic, charming and willing to be a little bit cheesy. Costumes and wigs provided, performer may need to provide footwear. Performs the show 3 times a night, 5-8 rehearsals are required and MUST be available for all 6 performances, plus tech rehearsals on Oct 18, 20 & 21 at 5:30 pm. Call time is 5:15 pm, shows end around 8:15 pm. Pay $450 total contract


Questions? Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

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