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(just download the app from the app store - it's called MTI Rehearscore)



Questions? Concerns?

 Email Sandra  702-353-0749


Rehearsal Calendar




To add this calendar to your google calendar, use this address under the subscribe window:

To add this calendar too your iCal, use this address:

Musical Number Breakdown:

1 - Be Our Guest

Full Company

2 - You Could Drive a Person Crazy

Kelly, Kirstin, Sandra

3 - Back to Before


4 - This is the Moment


5 - We're All In This Together

Cornerstone Kids

6 - Tomorrow

Cornerstone Kids

7 - The New World

Featured Singers, Wade, Dane, Piper, Jessica

8 - Somewhere that's Green


9 - Seize the Day

Full Company

10 - When I Grow Up

Featured Singers, Cornerstone Kids

11 - Take a Chance on Me

Wade, Monica

12 - Let it Go

Sandra, Kelly, Kirstin, Piper

13 - Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat

Brandon, Full Company

14 - Beautiful City

Featured Singers, (Company & Cornerstone Kids join at end)

15 - Seasons of Love

Full Company

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